Friday, 24 June 2016

The Most Popular Cars in Use by Rental Car Companies Today

The easiest way to deal with the most popular cars in use by rental car companies today is to break it down just as the rental car companies do. That is, by size of the rental vehicle such as compact, full size and so forth. What made this just a bit difficult was the fact that each major car rental agency had different fleets to offer the consumer.
So with that in mind let's take a look at the popular rentals by size.
Compact Cars:
The ‪#‎toyotayaris‬, The ‪#‎Mitsubishilancer‬ and the ‪#‎nissansunny‬ seem to be the choice of those who want a smaller car. These are ideal for driving in crowded cities where parking may be at a premium.
Economy Class:
The ‪#‎hondacivic‬, The ‪#‎VWJetta‬ and the ‪#‎toyotacorolla‬ seem to be the choice of those who want a economic car. These are ideal for driving inter cities or short ‪#‎family‬ ‪#‎trip‬.
Standard Class:
The ‪#‎VWPassat‬ is the hands down winner in the standard class followed by the ‪#‎camary‬ ‪#‎accord‬ ‪#‎altima‬. Each vehicle can fit a family of 5 comfortably and is designed with many creature comforts to make driving either one a very pleasurable experience.
Luxury Class:
The ‪#‎Audi‬ and the ‪#‎BMW‬ come out on top in the luxury car field followed by the ‪#‎Chrysler300c‬. All 3 offer a luxurious interior with many amenities to satisfy even the most discriminating tastes.
Sport Utilities:
In this category the most popular ‪#‎dodge‬ ‪#‎charger‬ and ‪#‎challenger‬ . Plenty of room in all 3 and rugged enough to handle even the toughest roads!
Now granted, you may disagree with this list of the most popular cars in use by rental car companies today based on your own experience but you have to remember that it was taken as an industry wide overview.

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