Sunday, 31 July 2016

احصل على سيارتك من ثريفتي لتأجير السيارات مع خدمة تأجير السيارات الشخصي

ثريفتي لتأجير السيارات, الشركة الأكبر في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة لتأجير السيارات, توفر خدمة تأجير السيرات الشخصية للعملاء الجدد في دولة الإمارات العربية المتحدة الراغبين في الحصول على سيارتهم الخاصة بدون دفع مبالغ ضخمة كمقدم لشراء السيارات.
خدمة تأجير السيرات الشخصية تعطي العملاء المرونة و القدرة على قيادة سيارة جديدة كل بضعة سنوات, مع تكاليف شهرية منخفضة و كل الخدمات و المميزات أو تغيير السيارة إلى نوعية أخرى عند نهاية مدة التأجير. يستطيع العملاء الأختيار من تشكيلة واسعة من السيارات الجديدة أو المتوافرة في إسطولنا الواسع من السيارات الحديثة بما يناسب ميزانيتهم و إحتياجاتهم.
أيضاً, تساعد الخدمة الوافدين الجدد على توفير المال, بتحديد المبلغ المدفوع شهرياً لقاء الخدمة, مما يجنب العملاء القلق على رسوم التصليح و الحوادث و التأمين.


‪#‎Thrifty‬ ‪#‎CarRental‬, the ‪#‎UAE‬’s largest ‪#‎leasing‬ and car rental company, is offering Personal Car Leasing service to customers who are new to the UAE and would like to get their own vehicle without paying out a huge deposit.

The Personal Car Leasing service gives customers the flexibility to drive a new car every few years, with relatively low monthly payments with all the services and benefits or upgrade to a different vehicle at the end of the lease term. Customers can choose from a wide range of brand new or existing vehicles depending on their needs and requirements.
The service also helps newcomers save money because there will be a fixed monthly rental during the lease term so you don’t need to worry about vehicle repair expenses, accident repair cost, insurance and more.
Karunesh Arya, General Manager, Dubai & Northern Emirates, said: “Thrifty Car Rental’s Personal Car Leasing service is the best solution for the residents of UAE especially those who wants the flexibility of driving around the city without worrying much about the costs associated with having a new car. Leasing has always been a popular way of driving a car around the world. With every car company launching newer car models every year or two, with changes in technology and features happening faster than ever, customers like to have a choice of changing the car every 2-3 years, which gets easier fulfilled with personal lease over buying. Customers apart from paying only for the use of vehicle, also enjoys various benefits of the fleet management services including insurance, comprehensive repairs & maintenance, 24*7 road side assistance, and getting relief vehicle during repairs. All this comes as a uninterrupted mobility package under Thrifty personal lease service and helps customers save a lot because of  all inclusive fixed monthly rental fees so it’s a practical choice than opting for buying a  car.”
Other benefits of Personal Car Lease includes flexible payment plans with minimal documentation, hassle-free maintenance and repair; replacement vehicle in the event of maintenance or accident, 24/7 road assistance, insurance and registration renewal are taken care of, Salik and traffic fine management, cost effective rates and no risk of resale value dip and increased maintenance expenses.
For more information, please visit Thrifty Car Rental’s website at or call Toll Free (Abu Dhabi) 800-701 and Toll Free (Dubai) 800-4770.