Saturday, 25 June 2016

Ten most popular cars for ‪#‎Women‬ :

The factors that women consider when buying a new vehicle are almost a night and day difference from their male counterparts.
Some of the factors that are taken into consideration are practicality, safety, easy to drive, low operating costs and enough space for a growing family to name just a few. That is what you'll find when we cover the 10 most popular cars for women.
Most of the cars that have made this list exude practicality. You won't find a single truck or sports car among them. Does that surprise you at all? It shouldn't.
So with that said, let's take a look at our top ten list:
#1 – ‪#‎ToyotaCamry‬ – despite recent setbacks, one of the most popular vehicles ever
#2 – ‪#‎HondaAccord‬ – reliable, easy to maintain and with a great resale value
#3 – ‪#‎ToyotaCorrolla‬ – this one just screams “Practical!”
#5 – ‪#‎VWJetta‬ – A newcomer on the scene but a growing favorite among women
#6 – ‪#‎NissanAltima‬ – practical and easy to drive with a high safety rating
#7 – ‪#‎HondaCivic‬ – one of the fav, and great technical features
#8 – ‪#‎ToyotaYaris‬ – the same can be said for this model
#9 – ‪#‎FordFigo‬ – the only American made car to make the list
#10 – ‪#‎VWPassat‬ – long known for its reliability and low operating costs
As you can see, especially if you have read our top ten list for men, women have a tendency to purchase a vehicle based on needs while we men have a tendency to purchase a vehicle based on our wants.
What you have to remember when you go over the 10 most popular cars for women, is that it was based on figures and marketing data from the previous year. So have fun with it and be sure to check out our other top 10 lists.