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What Should You Do if Your Car Breaks Down?

Though car rentals are generally well maintained, still a car is after all a machine and is thus, very much liable to breaking down. And needless to say, it is not at all pleasant to be stranded in the middle of nowhere. So, it is better to play safe and keep in mind certain precautionary steps, which are as follows: 
Do not panic
Yes, car breakdown can be a stressful situation, but panicking can only make things worse. Instead try to keep your calm and the car under control.  Once your car comes to a stop, try to find out what has gone wrong, if you do not have any technical expertise simply try to think clearly about what needs to be done next. If you are driving alone you know that what ever that can be done has to be done by you; hence, panicking will only delay things rather than helping. 
Pull Over to the Shoulder
Whenever you feel that the car is breaking down, try to reach the right shoulder of the road, especially if it is a highway. You need to get off the road as soon as possible, so that you are not hit by the vehicles behind you and let them pass by without any hassle. Once you reach the shoulders you can relax a bit, thinking that you are at least not stranded in the middle of the active lane. 
Breaking down on a roadway rather than on a highway has its own challenges, decreased visibility and smaller shoulders being the major ones. If you need to walk for getting help, you are advised to stay on the left side of the road facing the traffic. This way you can at least get away from the way in case you find an oncoming automobile getting close to you. 
Turn on your hazard lights to warn other drivers
Make sure that you know where the button of hazard lights is in your rented car.  Doing this is important as it serves as a warning sign for other drivers, symbolizing that something is wrong with your vehicle, so that they keep safe distance from it. 
Try to plan how to get out of the situation
Once you have managed to take your vehicle safely out the traffic’s reach and turned its hazard lights on, it is time you evaluate the situation and plan an action. If there’s no smoke or fire, you can stay within the car. If you can find out what has gone wrong, like a flat tire, and you can repair it, go right ahead. However, if the situation is out of your control, you need to call for help. 
Keep a mobile phone
Today everybody owns a mobile phone and it is an absolute necessity when travelling. Before you leave the rental parking lot, make sure you have the phone number of the toll truck company and rental agency, so that you can inform them if you get into trouble. Though most states have roadside assistance services, get in touch with emergency services in case the state you are travelling in does not have any. They will make sure you are safe until a tow truck is called upon.

Want to Hire a Car? Keep the Following Tips in Mind

Gone are the days when people rented cars only for visiting a party with family or go on a weekend trip. Today cars are hired much more frequently and for much more purposes. As a result the car hiring industry has bloomed quite a lot in the last few years. While airport rentals were once the main revenue earner, today it is the “home city” rental market or the trend of hiring cars from the locality that is the more common. 
There can be several reasons behind people opting for renting a vehicle from the neighbourhood. One may need a comfortable hauler for going on a cross-country trip with family, or a large truck for moving across city, or for a glamourous cruiser for a night out. 
No matter if you are a home-city renter or an airport renter; you need to follow certain safety tips so that you can have a hassle-free car renting experience as well as be secure as far as your bank account is concerned. 

Do some online research 

Just like you search the internet before buying a book, a camera or a mobile phone, do the same before getting yourself a car on hire. Doing so will get you an idea about the present rates in the market. This way you can lessen your chances of being over-charged by the vehicle-hire services. You also get to know in detail about the various vehicle-hiring companies, and choose the most credible one for getting the services.

Searching online at www.thriftyuae.com can also provide you with some other important information like the operating hours of the service providers, when do they close on weekends, etc. 
Consider the insurance
When you rent a car, you will be offered a Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) and Collision Damage Waiver (CDW). The former covers the losses that may be caused to the rental company and the latter covers you in case an accident occurs. Both these policies are good.
While most of the policies cover you in case you cause harm to someone in an accident, there are policies that cover the damages caused to the hired vehicle via collision or comprehensive policy. You should read your policy carefully or get in touch with your insurance agent to verify the policy before you sign the deal. 
Another point that you must keep in mind is that CDW covers the losses of use, i.e., the charge imposed by the rental company for covering the lost income while the vehicle will remain out of service. So, if the policy does not cover the expenses you may have the pay for the expenses out of your own bank account in case you meet with an accident. 
Don’t hire an ostentatious car
Doing so attracts unnecessary attention, making you prone to theft and robbery. Instead choose a usual vehicle. 
The vehicle should be in proper condition
If the vehicle is not in proper shape you may get into trouble enroute. Suppose, your window wiper fluid is not working, then you may face problem while driving in turbulent weather. 
Air-conditioning can be safe
Try to hire an air-conditioned car, as that allows you to keep your windows closed, making you less vulnerable to thieves and snatchers. 

Following these five tips will surely help you keep car-rental hassles at bay.

Monday, 23 November 2015


Rental cars are the boon for companies & businesses in UAE in terms of investment. No business likes to block thousands of dirhams in buying cars instead of investing it on productive ideas.  A car is a depreciating asset, which means it loses its value after usage. Wear and tear and maintenance costs also put a hole in the pocket. After looking at such expenses, it is definitely not a right way to block the hard-earned money on cars.
Instead Car Rentals in Dubai is a good bet of all seasons for all times. This great financial decision suits every productive business demands; these corporate car leasing solutions give the companies a comfort of mobility without being too heavy on their budgets. When compared, car leasing expenses are way more economical than purchasing a car.
Rent a car in Dubai for employees also boosts their belongingness to a company. They feel that a company is thinking about their comfort and luxury on the go. And in turn, they give their 200% performance to every project they are working on. Thus, the employee welfare aspect of leasing a car also secures brownie points for corporate.
Another exciting feature of such car rental in Dubai are its affordability. Even the companies on lean budgets can afford corporate leasing car rentals easily. The rental costs don’t become a burden on companies, which too makes them a best mobility decision.
These car rentals are not time-bound too. It means a company can hire a vehicle on short-term basis for a day, week, and month or for yearly basis. Based on the demands, the car rentals solutions can be customized as per the company’s needs.
The corporate car rentals in UAE are also a great choice for companies in need for transporting loads like consignment delivery from one place to another. There are certain needs that require bigger vehicles like vans for shipment of loads. In such times, one can easily rely on customized car rentals and achieve the best maintained vehicles in the need of the hour.

Buy or Lease a Car?

What you need to know before you make a decision

Buying things is what we know and what we do every day, so the first intent when needing a vehicle is to buy it. But, have you considered other ways to finance your company vehicle? Are you aware of how beneficial leasing could be to your business? That it might actually be cheaper, more convenient, less risky or more flexible than buying a vehicle?
Read the facts and make your comparison.
The 5 lease facts
1.Leasing is for everybody
2.Calculate the total costs
3.Estimate the risks
4.Save time and effort

1. Leasing is for everybody

Buying is the best way to go if you wish to own the vehicle from the start or if you have a financial interest in asset display on your balance sheet. In addition, buying may be the best option for you if you want to decide yourself exactly how long you want to drive the vehicle.
Leasing is the best option for you if you cannot afford to pay outright the vehicle you desire or if you would like to spread and predict the costs. Moreover, if you do not want to spend time and effort on managing the vehicle instead focus only on your core business activities, leasing is the perfect solution for you.

2. Calculate the total costs

When you buy a company vehicle you are most often considering the costs of interest, the residual value, insurances and taxes. You calculate your monthly costs based on these components. All costs like damage repair, maintenance and tires are excluded from the sales price.
If you lease a company vehicle the monthly costs are not only based on costs of interest, residual value, insurances and taxes, but also on the expected costs of damage repairs, maintenance, tires or time the car spends in the garage. It is all included in the monthly lease price.

3. Estimate the risks

If you buy a company vehicle, you bear all the risks; risks of non-warranty repairs, the value of the vehicle when you want to sell it again, or of changing interest rates. You are the only responsible party for whatever happens to the vehicle or in regulation.
If you lease a company vehicle, all the risks are transferred to the leasing company. The leasing company estimates the residual value of the vehicle and bears the risk of damage repairs and maintenance. Whatever happens to the vehicle, the leasing company pays the bills.

4. Save time and effort

It requires a significant amount of work and time to purchase a company vehicle. You have to find out which car you would like, how to finance it and which dealer to go to. It, however, takes even more time and effort once driving the vehicle. Reporting, administration, appointments for repair & maintenance are tasks inevitably involved when buying company vehicles and may reduce the time to spend on your core activities.
Leasing actually makes purchasing and managing company vehicles easier. Experienced financial and business experts can assist you in finding the right vehicle for your business and unburden you from all the administrative and management tasks. You can even outsource these tasks entirely to focus only on your core activities.

5. Flexibility

If you buy your company vehicle, it is yours. You are the proud owner and you have all the rights to determine what to do with it. You can keep the vehicle for as long as you want to, you can use it for any purpose and you can sell it again whenever you want.
If you lease, you do not own the vehicle. At least not yet. There is always the possibility to buy the lease car you have driven for a specific term at the end of the contract. If you lease, in addition, you are able to drive a bigger and more expensive vehicle than you would otherwise have been able to buy because you spread the costs over the contract term.

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Leasing a Car in Dubai or Buying one. Which is better for you?


Renting a Car in UAE, before you buy one is actually a good idea! ‘Try before you buy’ seems as an obvious choice before taking a big decision of buying a car. But seldom people rent a car to try before purchasing it.  In UAE, people think mere test drives at car showrooms help them decide if the car is good to purchase or not. But if we look at it realistically, these test drives don’t fulfill the purpose. Such drives just a give a glimpse of car’s comfort, interiors, speed and other usual parameters to a user. They don’t give users a practical experience as they don’t get this hands-on experience on drive for a long time. And in that limited time of a test drive, one can never get enough time to judge that if the car is right for him or not.

Before investing thousands of Dirhams on your dream car, one should get a prudent option to decide whether the car is good for their needs or not. In such a case, renting a car in UAE is a promising proposition. This helps a user ascertain that he’s getting the best on the basis of his practical experience with the car.

Rented car lets a user enjoy a first-hand contact with a car of his choice and enjoy its features at his comfort. This buy – before car rental offers the freedom with which a user can actually experience the car’s features. He/She is not coaxed by the sweet talk of the car salesman. At his comfort of space and time, one can try out the car features and see if they are benefiting them or not.

This personal experience can be availed with a car rental Dubai. Users can rent the car brand they want to buy to see if it’s suiting their needs or not. Does it require extra parking space? How do the brakes work? How much is the fuel economy and mileage of a car? All such questions are answered once users rent a car. This hands-on experience lets prospective buyers to see and analyze if a car model is good for them or not.

This is a practical way of buying a car where renting backs and supports the car purchase decision. While enjoying rides in the car, the first hand experience lets a prospect see and judge himself if the car he wishes to buy is good for him or not. This is a new way of try before you buy, even in the case of car purchase. Thrifty Car Rental, Dubai suggests the car buyers to rent a car for a week or a month and experience it to the fullest before you jump to conclusions.

Remember, it’s the new way to own a car based on experiencing its features and checking out if it’s compatible or not.


Dubai is a lifestyle destination where tourists come to splurge in shopping and make the most of their vacations. It is also the place where many business travelers arrive in millions every year to drive in business and profits. The numbers are indeed fascinating where the UAE tourism industry will continue to expand in 2015, with 7.6 per cent growth in tourist arrivals and surely outperform the 10 million mark achieved in 2014. And by Expo 2020, the numbers are expected to cross the 20 million mark.

With all such exciting possibilities, one cannot rule out the service offered by car rental in Dubai. In fact, cabs and car rentals in Dubai support tourists in fulfilling their discovery of Dubai and other six emirates. Tourists find it extremely convenient to book a car rental in Dubai while making other booking arrangements like hotels, flights etc. But before placing a booking at a car rental, tourists and business travelers should try to follow certain do’s and don’ts to have the best car rentals in Dubai.

Choose the Best Car Rental Dubai

Research before placing a booking – Remember, there are many car rental in Dubai. So it is always suggested to analyze and find out the best car rental deals in Dubai in terms of rates and services. If you have international driving license, you can enjoy driving on the smooth roads in Dubai and save on chauffeur costs. Otherwise, tourists can rely on the chauffeur services and get the car rental assistance at the best prices.
Choose the right vehicle – This is an important factor that help tourists in making a right decision while booking a car rental in Dubai. People come here for a lot of reasons – shopping, frequent business meetings, participating in exhibitions and trade shows or a family trip, etc. Before booking your car rental, make sure you list out your priorities and requirements from a car rental to have the best experience of Dubai. Select a car on the basis of number or travellers in a family or co-workers, or luggage stuff like tradeshow materials.

Place car rental booking in advance – Don’t wait till the last minute. Make a booking well in advance like you do for hotels and flights. This will save you from inconvenience while travelling, and will be economical as well. So, exercise flexibility and choose from the best car rental in Dubai in terms of choice and get the best car rental deals in dubai.

Don’t forget to ask about fees – Before placing a booking online, read between the lines and try to understand the terms and conditions carefully. The clarity of actions during this time will save you from inconvenience at the later stage in terms of payments and service.

Inspect the car before signing- Though many best car rentals in Dubai make sure the vehicle is properly maintained, this step is for your convenience. The idea is to prevent you from any damage charges.

At Thrifty, we want to empower our patrons with choices in cars and quality rental assistance. By following such do’s and don’ts, tourists can receive the best of experience in car rental, Dubai.

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Book Economy Car Rentals to save on your Holiday Car Hire from www.thriftyuae.com

A Cost-Saving on your rental cars also can make your holiday wonderful.  There’s an impression that if you save cost on your flights and hotels – then you may spend more on your sightseeing tour and enjoy the holiday. But in general any cost that is saved - let be hotels, flights or carrentals, all contribute and add a penny more. It  would be a amazing idea  to rent a car at economy rates and go around the nearby tourist locations, which saves you not only cost, but also gives you comfort and convenience on the move.

www.thriftyuae.com - Makes your on-road travel cost-effective

Yes, generally in the Middle East, travellers who wish to go on a business trip or a leisure trip prefer car rentals as a mode of transport, than that of depending on the public transportation like Taxi or a bus - as taxis are more expensive when compared to that of a carrental.  For Example in Dubai, the minimum fare of a taxi would be AED 10 (Approx.  USD 2.75), whereas, a small car at is available for less than AED 75 (Approx.  USD 20) for a day.  There are more options of economy carrentals still available, which ranges approximately around USD 25 – 45 a Day depending on the model of the vehicle.  So using a taxi for a entire day would squeeze the savings, whereas rental car would be really beneficial. The fact that in Europe car rental is preferred than that of  a Taxi.

On the contrary, if you wish to travel and want a airport transfer to the hotel, then Yes, you may hire a taxi, but if you are going to travel frequently, then rentalcars are the best mode of transport.  If you are going to worry about the routes, thank the technology which provides you the GPS, which is available with the car rental company at a cost. Still the savings is ON.

Booking a Car Rental at Discount Rates or lowest Costs

On www.thriftyuae.com which provides car rental that suits your budget.  To get car rental at discounted rates, compare and book the car rental early.  Pre-booking rentalcars gets you the lowest rate car rental deal.  With the available online resources, you may sit back, relax and choose your car rental online by comparing the prices between different car hire portals. As a mention, www.thriftyuae.conm is one of the best online car rental marketplaces preferred by thousands of car renters. 

What you should check before renting a car

Do you hire car often for your use? Or thinking about renting a car in Dubai to go for a vacation and want to get a cheap and best deal on that? Well if this is bothering you then you should think again before hiring a car from your neighborhood or any other car rental agency and check what you should do before hiring to get the best possible deal for you in Dubai. Though hiring a car looks simple and an easy process enough but if you think minutely then you can save a great deal of money on this.  You should follow a few steps before renting a car.

What to check before you rent a car?

Steps that you should follow 

Though there are several things that comes to your mind first when you are looking for a cheap car rentals in Dubaibut what you should do before hiring are

  • Prioritize your requirements – first and foremost what you should do is planning and is exact on your requirements like what kind of car you need or how many members will go along with you, etc.

  • Make a list – after that surf our site www.thriftyuae.com and make a list of cars matching your exact requirements.

  • Collect info – then you should collect as much as info you need about the car rental from where you are planning to rent the car. It can be one or more than that. You can go through www.thriftyuae.com car rental reviews before choosing a car rental supplier.

  • Compare tariffs – after gathering the data you should compare their online & offline tariffs and other facilities that they are providing like extra amenities, discounts on booking and so on in order to get a clear picture on this.

  • Finalize – then after checking all this details and compare the rates finalize one and go for the booking.

If you plan and work in this way then you can save a handsome amount on your booking and can get the best deal on the car rentals from www.thriftyuae.com