Thursday, 17 September 2015

Why hire a car in a different country?

Many of us try to fall into the budget, managing our everyday chores & expenses. The facts that savings are a hard row to have especially for spendthrifts, like me becomes more ardent while taking a vacation. While you can easily sort out your financial at your home place, but being at entirely new environment can turn into a problem. Out of rest of those arrayed plans noting before a holiday, to look for convenient reach outs is super necessary. Transportation may become dicey & you might happen to look it over several times before realizing how bad it affected your budget.

After setting up all the major details before going on vacation, most likely you still are not sure whether you want to add up an expense of car rental. Well, earlier this year while I was on a vacation in Dubai I made the same mistake & paid a hefty price. It’s not the most pedestrian friendly of places because of the very high temperature and getting around generally requires the use of something motorized rather than just two legs. The public transport is also good but it moves on a tight schedule which makes it very hectic and uncomfortable. One of the main reasons or you could say advantages of renting a car is the matter of convenience. You are not bound to the hotel transportation or a local taxi. It gives you the liberty of moving at your own pace & enjoying the destinations at your leisure.
The Early, the better
While planning for your vacations you can rent a car at the airport but in doing so you often will have to stand in queue & most likely the car you want just got rented by some other person. Therefore, it is better to book early as you won’t have to wait in a long queue. You can choose the car of your preference through variety of online car rental companies & have the price flexibility too. Otherwise, due to the lack of options you might have to settle with whatever cost you are being offered. With booking the car in advance you will be exactly knowing what the cost are & have an exact estimate how much you will be spending.
Travelling by car is easy as it can take you to places which are difficult to be at by public transport. A notch easier is when you rent your own car to sail even more conveniently.  

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Thrifty Car Rental inaugurates New Corporate Office

Thrifty Car Rental inaugurates new corporate office in Abu Dhabi at Electra street 6th floor Otabia tower. The office houses all of the company’s departments for a smooth and efficient operation.

Dubai, UAE – Thrifty Car Rental, the UAE’s largest car rental company, announced the opening of its new corporate office in Abu Dhabi to bring the entire operations of the company under one office as part of its expansion plans.

Mr Rahul Singh, Managing Director and Mr Khaiser Pasha, General Manager Abu Dhabi inaugurated the new office located at Otabia Tower in Electra Street. The office will house all of Thrifty’s departments including the executive team, sales, marketing, finance, human resources, customer service, sales support including tele-marketing and call center.

“We expect this relocation will deepen our relationship with partners, associates and customers. As the largest car rental company in the UAE, we would like to have a smooth and efficient operation so we have decided to bring all departments under one roof as opposed to managing the company from two different offices. Bringing all the employees in proximity to each other in one location will also benefit the company’s work,” said Mr Singh.

“The new office located in the heart of Abu Dhabi on Electra Street in 6th floor of Otabia tower, falls as the hub of the corporate district. It is surrounded by corporate towers, government and banking institutions which would make it easily accessible for business requirements. It also eases the process to operate 14 plus locations across Abu Dhabi, AL Ain and Ruwais” Said Mr. Pasha

Thrifty UAE, established in 1989 as part of A.A. Al Moosa Enterprises, has a fleet size in excess of 17,000 vehicles available for lease and short term rentals as per individual customer requirements.

With more than 52 rental locations throughout the UAE, including all leading shopping malls and international airports, the company has a customer base drawn from more than 1,250 businesses comprising most of the Fortune-500 companies in the UAE.

Customers of Thrifty Car Rental can reach the new office Tel: + 971 2 813 0300
Fax +971 2 4460016 for toll free, please call 800 701.

About Thrifty Car Rental

Thrifty Car Rental UAE was established in 1989 in Dubai and 1992 Abu Dhabi, as a part of A.A.Al Moosa Enterprises – a progressive and diversified Group with interests that spans architecture, design and planning, hotels and hotel apartments, real estate, furniture, manufacturing and transportation services. Thrifty’s UAE license is owned by Mr. Abdullah Ahmed Al Moosa and under his Chairmanship Thrifty UAE have been serving its clientele with regards to their short and long term car rental needs for more than 40 years.