Sunday, 1 November 2015

Book Economy Car Rentals to save on your Holiday Car Hire from

A Cost-Saving on your rental cars also can make your holiday wonderful.  There’s an impression that if you save cost on your flights and hotels – then you may spend more on your sightseeing tour and enjoy the holiday. But in general any cost that is saved - let be hotels, flights or carrentals, all contribute and add a penny more. It  would be a amazing idea  to rent a car at economy rates and go around the nearby tourist locations, which saves you not only cost, but also gives you comfort and convenience on the move. - Makes your on-road travel cost-effective

Yes, generally in the Middle East, travellers who wish to go on a business trip or a leisure trip prefer car rentals as a mode of transport, than that of depending on the public transportation like Taxi or a bus - as taxis are more expensive when compared to that of a carrental.  For Example in Dubai, the minimum fare of a taxi would be AED 10 (Approx.  USD 2.75), whereas, a small car at is available for less than AED 75 (Approx.  USD 20) for a day.  There are more options of economy carrentals still available, which ranges approximately around USD 25 – 45 a Day depending on the model of the vehicle.  So using a taxi for a entire day would squeeze the savings, whereas rental car would be really beneficial. The fact that in Europe car rental is preferred than that of  a Taxi.

On the contrary, if you wish to travel and want a airport transfer to the hotel, then Yes, you may hire a taxi, but if you are going to travel frequently, then rentalcars are the best mode of transport.  If you are going to worry about the routes, thank the technology which provides you the GPS, which is available with the car rental company at a cost. Still the savings is ON.

Booking a Car Rental at Discount Rates or lowest Costs

On which provides car rental that suits your budget.  To get car rental at discounted rates, compare and book the car rental early.  Pre-booking rentalcars gets you the lowest rate car rental deal.  With the available online resources, you may sit back, relax and choose your car rental online by comparing the prices between different car hire portals. As a mention, www.thriftyuae.conm is one of the best online car rental marketplaces preferred by thousands of car renters. 

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